18 de julio de 2017

Convocatoria Latin American Summer School on Social Issues 2018


Latin American Summer School on Social Issues -LASI

LASI is a Research Summer School directed at graduate students and other highly qualified young researchers who hold at least a master’s degree. LASI offers graduate students from Latin America and abroad the opportunity to come together for a week to receive specialized instruction and supervision from internationally renowned senior social scientists. LASI Summer School 2018 takes place in Villarrica in the Araucanía, Chile, the heartland of the encounter between the Mapuche people, colonos of European descent, and the Chilean state.  LASI  focuses on relevant social issues in Latin America, which are analyzed from a global, interdisciplinary, and compared perspective.

LASI will take place between January 4th – 9th, 2018.

LASI brings together social science graduate students from different disciplines, countries, and universities across Latin America, North America, and Europe. In addition to academic training the Summer School offers an opportunity to establish an international network of contacts with other researchers from different disciplines and universities, which will allow the students to exchange knowledge and experiences in their future research trajectory.

LASI is an initiative launched in Chile by the Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Research (CIIR), Center for Latin American Studies and Department of Anthropolgy at Stanford University and the Instituto de Antropología y Arqueología (IAA) at Universidad Católica del Norte.

Difference: Discrimination, Racism and Social Transformation

LASI Summer School 2018 sets its focus on DIFFERENCE as a socio-political phenomenon and concept of theoretical inquiry. Difference marks the limits of belonging to all kinds of collectivities and it is a key element in our understanding of social life. The social production of difference is a limiting and boundary-making practice that works both as a matter of defining external borders, for example between nation-states, and as a way of policing internal boundaries, for example based upon race, political ideologies, class and gender, sexualities, and disabilities. While difference frequently works to define hierarchies, inequalities, and power asymmetries, it is also articulated as part of identity politics. Difference is thus also always a political, social, cultural and moral category that can be scrutinized and turned into the object of debate.  The emergence of new socio-political actors and novel social categories, territories, and forms of life may also, depending upon one’s perspective, contain a threat to social order or a promise of social transformation.

LASI Summer School 2018 asks how difference is produced in specific sociocultural and environmental settings and what effects it may have on the relationships and forms of coexistence among different social and cultural groups, among species and in intimate relations. Who or what constitutes otherness in contemporary society and under which circumstances is the other deemed problematic, as a threat to social order or as an unworthy form of life? How is difference approached in social policy and how do people engage these practices? How is otherness from within experienced by those positioned as being “neither nor” or in a position of partial belonging? How do we recognize difference and dismantle the power asymmetries based on difference?y Issues in Cultural Heritage.

Application Process:

LASI summer school invite graduate students from social sciences and humanities to apply.

Fee: $45O USD. This fee includes all the described academic activities and the supplies needed; Transport (by air) from Santiago to Villarrica; housing and most meals during the stay in Villarrica. Students coming from outside Santiago or Chile must arrange for transport to Santiago de Chile themselves.

Applications must be submitted by September 29th 2017 at the latest through the online application system. The selected participants will be notified by October 16th 2017 onwards.

See below for details and applications:

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